What happens when you give people hot and cold treatment.

It definitely doesn’t make you a very good person.

Probably going to stir the pot but we all have done that and will continue to do so because it feels so good.

For whatever reason, you probably completely ignored someone you’re usually chummy with, be it a partner or a co-worker when you were in a bad mood or just a bit off, and see the spark of interest and care in their eyes. Oh my, someone cares about what I think and feel? Awesome sauce, let’s exploit it.


I’m usually very smiley and whatnot, because I believe you can either be a grumps or not, so I choose not to. And it shows a lot when my mood changes. Which is why, however irritating/sweet it is, I get lots of questions what’s up with me when I’m not my usual self. So since my day jobs have been a bit boring this year, I started entertaining myself by putting a disinterested face on to work from time to time just to see what happens. And that’s how I learn who’s insecure and who’s not.

If I’m acting off with someone, and they keep on trying to get my attention, and actually put significant effort in getting a positive reaction from me – whoa, are you really that nice of a person, or are you talking it so personally, you can’t focus on work?

People are fascinating. Like, people around me are so nice and I’m such a horrible wench sometimes.



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