Anywhere but here sounds like paradise.

Rings a bell?

So you get stuck somewhere, whether by choice or not, and as you slowly get bored, you realize you just don’t want to be here.

So, if you got them guts, you move away, escape, run away or a combination of the above, and settle down happily somewhere else.

Gradually, it becomes clear: it’s not the place you hate. It is the you. The I? Absurd!

Nah, not really, you mess up once somewhere, you run away from it because dealing with stuff is just a huge NOPE. And it feels SOO good but it WILL dawn on you – every teensy mistake you have ever made has the ominous power of coming back, with all the force of a great typhoon. 

Solution? I’ll let you figure this one out yourself, honeybear.

And as always, today is the day! ->

giphy (8)


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