Two posts in one day.

Because I can’t be bothered to talk to a human being.

The weekend has come again which gives all of us a great excuse to postpone thinking about all the responsibilities we have. Yesss.


My friend has gone surfing in south-east asia and he’s leading the life that I envy. I feel both happy for him and want to kill him for being so carefree. HisĀ girlfriend whom I live with and absolutely adore keeps freaking out about this and it just makes me freak out because how dares anyone enjoy himself so much whilst we wallow in self-pity.

Who also here is living the life? Tell me what’s it like.

Who loves self-pitying? It feels so good, just exaggerating the shit out of our problems and get others to comfort you so hard, you feel loved and for a second not miserable. Keep on doing this friends, please!


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